"Peace In The Pause"

In 2015, God invited me to write a book (Purpose Through Perspective). My first reaction was fear and insecurity. Tears. I had no experience as an author--but I practiced trust and obedience. Look what God did!

In 2016, God asked me to open my own Christian publishing company (Little Light Shine Bright, LLC). My initial reaction was uncertainty and self-doubt. Tears. I had no experience in this field--but I practiced trust and obedience. Look what God did!

In 2017, God nudged me to start a blog. My immediate reaction was . . . NO THANKS. I swore I would never be one of those online blogger people. Tears. I fought this one hard. Not only did I not have experience, I had no desire--but I practiced trust and obedience. Look what God did!

In 2018, God connected me to a believer who has asked me to help write her testimony. My initial reaction was . . . How cool is this!?!? No tears:) What a unique opportunity, to assist in capturing her story on paper, so that she can preserve her testimony and share it to encourage others. Ghostwriting is also an unfamiliar path for me--but I am practicing trust and obedience. Looking to see what God will do!

Over the years I have learned that God’s plans for my life are not typically what I would have selected for myself. It would be safe to say that most likely I would not have even agreed to try any of those things, had it not been for my Heavenly Father directing and guiding me. Each time He asks, I am given the choice to pass on those unfamiliar experiences--or lean in, trust and obey.

Can I tell you how exciting it is to watch God’s plans and provision unfold?! Each time I try something new, I can look back and connect the dots.

The person I am ghostwriting for--we connected through my blog. The blog I write--was established because I had a company website. My company was only created because I needed to publish my book on perforated paper. My book was written because I started sending cards of encouragement through the mail. The first card was sent because God asked me to notice and support one of His daughters that was hurting.

It all connects . . . I am able to retrace everything that God has me doing today, all the way back to a single prayer and handwritten card filled with love, Scripture, and hope.

Each year God is teaching me and training me for what He has planned next. He has repeatedly asked me to do things out of my comfort zone, and as I listened to His voice of direction, I have discovered His will and a passion for things that I initially wanted to refuse.

This blog has been incredibly fun for me. I love seeing God in ordinary experiences and connecting Scripture to everyday circumstances. I pray that you have been blessed by the words shared and that you are inspired to SEE GOD IN EVERYTHING!

As I have been praying about how to balance all of the past and present developing opportunities, I feel that God has answered my prayer with, “Be at peace with the pause.”

Do you know what is interesting about the pause button . . . It is often connected to the “play” button. The “stop” button signifies--done for now, but the “pause” option is usually pushed when a quick break is needed. This means that the intentions are there to push “play” again and get back on track when ready.

As I continue to participate in the evolving plans that God has for me, I need to be able to hit “pause” on the blog sometimes. I’m still here:) I still want to share with you the God connections that I see; it just might not be as frequent as I would like it to be.

I hope this is a word for someone today . . . Even a plate full of good things is still a full plate. You can not overwhelm yourself with doing everything at once. There is peace in the pause.

In order for God to groom and grow us, sometimes we need to either hit “stop” or “pause.”

So if you need to take a momentary break from something in life in order to focus on today’s task, hit pause and come back to it when you are ready. Then hit the play button again!!!


 ”Be still, and know that I am God!” (Psalm 46:10 NLT)