"Sorta Spring"

Spring officially started yesterday on the calendar, and yet, my weather app shows a snowflake on the screen for today. Oh spring, where are you?!?!

We thought spring had arrived last week, but then we received a snowfall that resulted in two days of school cancellation.

Since the temperature was hovering around a freezing 32 degrees, the snowflakes had more moisture in the air to latch on to, which resulted in good packing snow. (I totally googled that simple scientific information!)

Do you know what quality packing snow is good for? SNOWMEN!

So, my daughter spent a portion of her academic-free day building a snowlady. She was given delicate twig arms, a multicolored pastel scarf, and a neon green frog hat with a pink bow on top.

When I asked my daughter what her name was, she replied, “I call her, Sorta Spring. Because it was supposed to be spring, but it turned out to be an extended winter.”

There in the middle of our backyard stood Sorta Spring. For the first two days, her body was camouflaged against the rest of the white blanket covered ground. However, her surroundings changed rapidly. Here in North Carolina, the temperature can swing drastically within 24 hours.

Pretty soon we could see lawns again throughout our neighborhood. However, because Sorta Spring was created with good packing snow, she remained, while everything else melted. It was a funny sight to see--a snowlady planted on a field of green grass.

She was resilient, persevering through the increasing heat . . . until eventually, Sorta Spring melted. She was gone.

The only remains of her short life were sitting in a pile on our grass: two twigs, a scarf, and a hat. As I looked at her belongings on our property, I was reminded of a verse from Scripture:

“The grass withers and the flowers fade beneath the breath of the Lord. And so it is with people. The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever.” (Isaiah 40:7-8 NLT)

Everything in this life will eventually disappear: snow, grass, flowers, fame, wealth, property, careers, trends, opinions, feelings, memories, loved ones--all temporary.

Only God is permanent.


Seasons change. Fads fade. People pass. God’s Word is eternal. How does knowing this biblical truth affect and reflect in the way you live your life today?