From Paper to Publisher

This company was founded because I needed paper--but not just any paper--PERFORATED PAPER!!! Since I was not able to select this option with most self-publishing companies found online, I was led to create my own publishing company . . . thus the birth of Little Light Shine Bright, LLC. 

(God sure does have a funny way of making our path clear sometimes! Mine was discovered through one handwritten card and some much needed perforated paper.)


The delta symbolizes CHANGE. As Christians, we are called to be difference-makers, creating positive change all around us. The flame represents the LIGHT of JESUS shining within our hearts. Each of us were designed to reflect this light and radiate the love of our Lord. Collectively our little lights shining brightly can produce a powerful change across this world! 



I never imagined I would be doing any of the above! It was only after learning to seek first the Kingdom of God that I was able to discover my purpose, uncover my spiritual gifts, and put my entrusted talents to use for my King. Truly He has given me everything I need (Matthew 6:33) and has also generously given me many of my wants in life as well. God is good--ALL the time.

In His Service ~ Sarah Seiz

God has also led me to team up with the Encouragement Café ministry . . . please visit their home page to learn more about this fabulous organization and read some of the devotions I have published with them.